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Production Company:
Come On Sweet Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin:

Theatrical Debut:
December 16, 2010

THAI (with English subtitles)

Total Running Time:
111 minutes

Executive Producer:
Chatchada Musikaratuay

Saratsawadee Wongsomphet

Worldwide PR & Acquisition:
Canon Yuri Media Group Limited

Billed as Thailand’s first lesbian romantic comedy, Yes or No? tells the story of an unlikely friendship and first love between two college roommates.

Pie (Aom Sushar Manaying) is a pretty and confident student who always gets her way. She recently changed her dorm room in order to steer clear of her ex-roommate, Jane’s (Due Arisara Thongborisut) lesbian drama with her tomboy girlfriends. Pie’s plan backfired as she is about to meet her new roommate, Kim, a budding tomboy.

Kim (Tina Suppanad Jittaleela) is a naïve and adorable freshmen who loves to cook, play video games and strum the ukulele in her spare time. However, Kim is undaunted by Pie’s disdain for tomboys. Kim’s gentle personality quickly won Pie over as a respectable roommate and close friend.

As their friendship continues to develop into something inexplicable to their hearts, Kim and Pie will need to confront several questions because the answers will help build their courage to love…

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